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Andrew Tupper’s RV-7 | Anacortes, WA RV-7 #73704

Congratulations to Andrew on the first flight of his RV-7 in Anacortes, Washington! He writes:

It took over 10 years, but the first flight finally came! I started building out of my home in Northern California, but had the fortunate opportunity to move to Anacortes, WA, where there is some beautiful flying. When I first started, a fellow RV-7 builder told me, “Building airplanes is hard, but building airplane pieces is easy. Build enough pieces and eventually you have an airplane.”

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family & friends, EAA chapters 1230 & 818, and Mike Seager’s transition training.

The airplane has a Superior IO-360 engine from Aerosport Power, with dual E-Mags, Whirlwind RV- 200 Constant Speed Prop, and Dual Dynon HDX Displays with an Advanced Flight Systems Quick Panel.

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