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Peter Lukasczyk’s New RV-8 | Germany RV-8 #82972

Congratulations to Paul on his new RV-8! He writes:

It finally happened!!

After almost 11 years, a wedding, a child and 3 relocations my project became a real aircraft.

I had the urge to do this since my visit to Oshkosh in 1998.

Building your own aircraft puts you through all states of emotions which exist! The good ones and the bad!
Money and technical skill is always helpful, but what really builds the aircraft is will, dedication, perseverance, endurance and the ability to get up going again after major defeats.

It has been a long way which i could not have gone without the support of my wife. I cannot thank her enough to letting me have this kind of hobby!

The RV-8 is everything i want from an aircraft!

Would i ever do it again? Most definitely yes!! But for now it is enjoying my new toy.

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