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Ted Chang’s finishes and flies RV-10 Number 2000! | Port Orange, Florida RV-10 #42000

Congratulations to Ted Chang on the first flight of his newly-completed RV10, serial number 2000!

RV-10 kit 2000, N156TC took to the sky on July 23, 2020. Craig Cousins (a RV-14 builder) and Mike Kubes flew chase in a Bonanza. The flight went well and with no squawks. We received our tail kit on Feb 26, 2019 and had airworthiness inspection on July 17, 2020. This is the 3rd RV I have built. We are looking forward to the many hours flying around the country. We can not wait to take our granddaughter up soon.

N156TC is standard built kit. It has Lycoming IO-540 and Hartzell two blade propeller. Avionics are Dynon Skyview HDX based with Garmin audio panel and GPS. For the airframe we pretty much follow the plan. The only mod is Beringer wheels. The interior are purchased from South Florida Sport Aviation. We will have it painted after I fly off the phase I hours. Thanks again for so a great kit.


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