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Dave Gidzinski’s RV-6 First Flight! | Cedarville, NJ RV-6 #21270

Congrats to Dave on the recent completion and first flight of his RV-6. He writes to tell us:

A very slow build. Never a priority project. It sat dormant twice, once for over 3 years.
Several projects, Pitts, J-3, second house and two bouts of unemployment. First flight from my own private airstrip in NJ. Empty wt 1074 lbs completely finished, painted with autopilot.

TMX IO 360, Whirlwind 200 RV, Garmin G3X .
Able to fly to my Florida house from NJ in 4 hrs 35 minutes.
Started the next project, a 1958 Piper PA 18.

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