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Ronald Niehoff’s RV-9A | Oldenzaal, The Netherlands RV-9A #92233

Congrats to Ron, who writes to tell us:

On Friday 3 July 2020 the RV-9A PH-NIR had her first flight on Twente Airport in The Netherlands. Together with family and friends I had the most impressive and emotional flight ever. The first flight, together with instructor Rob Groothuis went without any issue.

I started building in June 2015 and after 2400 hours I finished it in June 2020. The paint scheme is inspired by the RV-7A N23VC from Jim Ellis in Texas; he also helped me with ‘tips and tricks’. Scheme Designers did the adaptions for the PH-NIR. The plane looks and flies fantastic.

After the transition training I hope to fly around in Europe with my wife Carla, daughters Marèl and Anouk and flying mates Martin Breukers and Rob Groothuis. Thanks to all for the tireless support.

I also thank the Van’s team for the great kit aircraft and support; building an aircraft was the most challenging, but also most satisfying project I ever did. The RV-grin will not disappear anymore.

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