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Michael Foss’ RV-8 First Flight – and 50th Birthday! | Poplar Grove, IL RV-8 #83315

Congratulations to Mike on two occasions, which happened to coincide: Finishing and flying his RV-8, and for 50 trips around the sun! He writes to tell us all the story:

So today was an awesome day for a couple of reasons. One it was my 50th birthday, and second I got to fly my RV-8 for the first time! It has been 7 years, 7 months and 15 days since I started the build process. The flight was 1.5 hours and the RV flew straight and true. It was an incredible day, to say the least. My RV-8 is painted to honor the P-51 Man O’ War of the 334th FS. #rvgrin

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