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Poul Erik Bech’s New RV-12iS | Denmark RV-12iS #121106

Congratulations to Poul Erik Bech, on the completion and first flight of his RV-12iS! He sent in this report:

On the 11 of October 2020 my RV-12iS had its first flight. No problems so far. I started to build two years ago and it has been a pleasure to build the RV-12iS. It is the first RV-12iS in Denmark. It is equipped with Garmin G3X, G5, Autopilot and COM/NAV. I would like to place a big thank you to my wife for her patience and a thank you to friends and to Van’s.

Poul Erik Bech

A blog can be seen here: rv12dk-peb.blogspot.com

First take off video:

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