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David Welsh’s RV-7 | Beaumont, Texas RV-7 #70738

Congrats to David, who stuck with it and finished his RV-7!

A big thanks to Bruce Bohannon, who gave me my RV transition training and also did the first flight of my plane. HIs flying experience and skills are well beyond the low-time hours that I have under my belt, so I was relieved to have him take my baby up for its maiden flight. He reported no squawks or any issues at all, so we were both happy for the lack of drama.

And yes, while it took me just over eighteen years to complete the build, it was an on-again, off-again experience. No excuses, that’s just the way it was. If you’re taking a long time to build your plane, hang in there. It will happen if you just keep plugging away.

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