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John D Williams’ RV-14 | KJGG - Williamsburg, Virginia RV-14 #140634

John writes in to let us know about the first flight of his new RV-14!

Another Van’s success story, N15HW flew for the first time October 2, 2020.

My deep felt appreciation goes to: my wife, Maxine; RV-12 builder, Dick Bender, RV-8 builder, Heath Cherneski; A&P, Chris Wilmeth, RV-14 builders, Rick T. and Chris M.; KJGG owner, Larry Waltrip. Thanks to the folks @ Van’s; thanks, to Dan, Mr. T, Marty, Keith, Herron, Jon and Mr. Buddy.

16 months, slow build, red Thunderbolt IO-390, Whirl Wind prop, Garmin G3X suite. Thanks to Stein, Chad and Jeff for answering all my questions. Little did Dick, Heath, and Chris know that they were getting involved with a deaf & half blind pilot who knew little or nothing about how to build a plane.

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