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Charlie Rosenzweig’s RV-6A | KTDO, Toledo Washington RV-6A #324483

Congrats to Charlie, who recently completed and flew his new RV-6A. He writes:

This is a very unique story. But first I want to give most of the credit to my fantastic wife Sandi who has been so supportive. She spent many hours helping me. My RV6A is a “slow build” kit that is powered by a turbocharged Honda Civic 1.8L R18 engine. I always wanted to use an alternative powerplant from the beginning. For me, it was as enjoyable as building the airframe. Because it is powered by a Honda engine I had to build my own cowling and engine mount. But those were fun to do. It has a very small radiator under the belly with a P51 style scoop to catch the air. I am using a 3 bladed solid carbon fiber ground adjustable prop made by warp drive. The injection and ignition computer is made by SDSEFI. Ross at SDSEFI has been super helpful to me and I cannot say enough good about their support and product. The gearbox is the “HD” version provided by Viking Aircraft Engines. I am very happy with the gearbox. All that said, I ONLY have 0.6 hours on the plane. People are welcome to email me questions at charosenz@msn.com. I have a build thread on VAF in the alternative engines section which has over 107,000 views. There is a lot of interest in this project.

On a side note, I painted the plane using PPG basecoat clear coat outside at home using a harbor freight HPLV gun. I get a lot of compliments on the paint job. It was the only thing I ever painted. I say this not to brag but to encourage folks to enjoy the true aspect of experimental aviation. Build it yourself!

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