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Renzo Corvetta’s RV-14A | Bolzano, Italy RV-14A #140169

Congrats to Renzo on his new RV-14A! He writes:

My first flight took place November 28th, 2020, a severe VFR day in Bolzano in South Tyrol. The construction of my slow built kit took me just short of six years. It the process I took my time and continued my busy life without giving up any of my various interests. The airplane was ready for flight at the beginning of July 2020 and Italian aviation authorities paperwork took five months for completion. Do not complain about the FAA my dear American friends! I had never flown an RV-14A before, but I felt immediately “at home” in this fun to fly, stable, comfortable and safe airplane. The test flight showed only very minor “bugs”: I inverted wires on the elevator trim, there is a minor yaw moment to the left and the pilot fresh air vent does not close completely. Building the airplane has been a real challenge for me. Without previous experience (I never built an airplane model ever!) I had to learn – sometimes the hard way – a multitude of new skills. The most difficult challenge from my point of view has been the electrical and avionics system of the aircraft. Part of my struggles have been self inflicted: I had every single part primed and painted before assembly, my avionics are more complex than necessary as I strived for the highest possible quality. Every, even small, change of the original Van’s project implied much extra work. Van’s has been very supportive both in providing information as in supplying replacement parts 🙁 . The construction plans are outstanding. European builders be aware: VAT, duties and shipping costs will increase the price of your kit by 40% !

At this point I have to thank the following people: my family – my wife Monika and my kids Lilli and Leo – for all the support and encouragement offered in all these years. I deprived them of thousand of happy hours. My friend Elmar has been my mentor and he was at my side literally from the first to the last screw. His skills, sense of judgment and friendly attitude are exceptional. My friend Christian – the bodyworker and painter – has shown an incredible patience and dedication in priming and painting my parts. He had them all in his hands! Luca, the inspector of the CAP (Italian EAA) guided me through the red tape jungle and offered precious advice. Jeff, Andrea, Marco, Martin, Vincenzo and many others have been on my side in all these years. Thank you from my heart! I am approaching retirement and my hope is to be able to wear out the IO-390 in my flights throughout Europe and hopefully beyond! Wish me luck!

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