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Rockwood Shepard’s RV-9A | Caldwell, Idaho RV-9A #92094

Congrats to Rockwood on the completion, and first flight of his RV-9A! He writes:

I have always wanted to build a plane and the chance came up for me in 2012 while living in Colorado. Because of out of state work commitments, I had limited times to work. We moved to Idaho and I found a great group of builders at KEUL more than willing to help. I was 95% complete and had to move to Michigan for a project and my good friend and mentor Chuck Brietigam helped get the last few items completed and I flew back to Idaho for the DAR inspection. It passed with only one item – sorry Vic, a lose jam nut!

On November 6th, my other friend Rob took the first flight while I watched on flightaware from Michigan. It was hard not being there but the flight went great – flew straight and true. My friend Chris Chattin flew chase in his RV-7, and got this video. It was really exciting seeing my plane in the air the first time. Even watching on video a couple days later, I had the RV grin.

What a fun adventure it has been and I can’t wait for my chance to go for a flight. Thanks to Van’s for a great kit allowing me to fulfill a dream.

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