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Denis Le Quellec’s RV-7 | Vannes, France RV-7 #73967

Congratulations to Denis on the first flight of his RV-7! He writes:

Well… three years after the first flight I still have that grin on my face ( too large to fit any pictures !). It took just under seven years to build and it was worth every penny ! An adventure of a lifetime with new encounters, help from family and friends, loads of stuff to learn and plenty to get your hands on. The RV community in Brittany is great with a couple of RV-9’s, four RV-7’s, three RV-8’s and an RV-14 on the go. And from Brest (LFRB) to La Baule (LFRE) or from Saint Brieuc (LFRT) to Vannes (LFRV), flight time is just under 30 mins which allows us to go for a 100€ pancake anytime ! All I can say is Thank you Van’s Aircraft for putting together such a fantastic machine !

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