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Robert Ferguson’s RV-8A | Santa Rosa, California RV-8A #83485

Robert wrote in to let us know about the first flight in his RV-8A:

Some specs: The engine is a Titan IO-370 with 9.6 CR pistons, rated at 200 HP. Ignition systems are dual Light Speed Engineering PIII and the prop is from Whirl Wind Aviation, a 200 RV. The fastback kit came from Show Planes in Medford, Oregon. Instrumentation is all Dynon HDX 10 inch with Dynon accessories including radio and intercom, two-axis autopilot with the AP panel, ADSB in and out, 2020 compliant. Upholstery from Flight Line Interiors. The empty weight came in at 1100 pounds, so with 200 HP, it is quite a performer! Thanks to all the members of EAA 124 who contributed labor and advice.

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