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Lynol Amero’s RV-7A | Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA RV-7A #73729

Congrats to Lynol, who writes in to tell the world:

It all started back in 2010 with a tail kit bought from a co-worker, who didn’t have time to build. After a 6 year build delay due to overseas 787 Introduction assignments and moving to Canada, the 787 inspired “Dream Flyer” was finally finished in May of 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 US/Canada border closure, registration was changed from N787LA to C-FUNB. Scott Jackson (B777 captain-retired) and I did the first flight from Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB) on 7-Nov-2020.  After first flight, I flew the airplane to Upper Valley Aviation paint shop in Chillawack, BC for application of the custom paint scheme designed by myself and Kevin Burns of Scheme Designers. This was completed on 28-Mar-2021. Thanks to Van’s for a great airplane and all their support through the years of the build. Thanks go out to Rob Hickman and his team at Advanced Flight Systems for the great panel and electronics. Also, thanks to Jeremiah Webster at Classic Aero Designs for the interior. The airplane performs wonderfully. Flight testing continues…

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