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Tony Herdener and David Kimball’s RV-7A | Gainesville, Georgia RV-7A #73999

Tony and David wrote in to let us know about the first flight of their RV-7A:

We purchased a partially completed RV-7A Kit from John Kleber in June of 2018. From there we pursued the completion, moving the project from a truck workshop to Lee Gilmer Airport in Gainesville, GA last year. Ed McGowin who conducts EAA RV building workshops was instrumental in helping see this project through completion in November 2020. Our DAR Kurt Lohmueller conducted our first flight on December 2nd, 2020, and we are currently in our phase one testing. Great to be in the air and the RV smile is something to earn and experience! Good luck to all other builders, stay the course, ask for help and keep plugging along. Time flies if you do a little bit consistently!

Fair winds and clear skies.

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