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Cory Bull’s RV-10 | Lakeway, Texas RV-10 #41454

Congratulation to Cory on the beautiful RV-10!

The first flight was a pretty short flight around the pattern. I had a few software squawks that I was a little uncomfortable with. A couple quick adjustments and the second flight was 2 hours. Really glad I got 5 hours of transition training with Alex of RVtraining.com.

I started my slow build of my RV-10 over 8 years and 2400 hours ago. I spent a couple years ahead of that doing research and soaking up as much info about the build as I could. I finally made the decision to to get my pilots license about the same time. I didn’t actually start flying until about 2 years into my build. There were periods that life and work slowed me down, but I persisted ahead. I always tried to get at least one small item done each day and that was usually motivation enough to turn a small task into a larger productive task.

I learned so much during this project. I have never done anything like this before. I sewed my own upholstery from scratch, built multiple custom fiberglass parts, painted the plane in my hangar, did all of my own wiring and avionics and not to mention built a flying machine. All newly acquired skills because of this project.

The takeaway is a litany of newly acquired skills, tools and a beautiful, fun, fast flying machine. Not to mention is has changed my life forever.

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