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David Burkhardt’s RV-8 | Scappoose, Oregon RV-8 #81926

Congrats to David on the new RV-8! He writes:

Over many years of building that included 2 (very long) combat tours in Iraq, 2 house moves and life that got in the way of my passion to complete my plane. On June 24, 2021 the plane took to the air at the hands of Mike Seager. Absolutely no issues, N81926 flew strait and FAST, 2300 RPM @ 190mph and weighed in at 1042lbs. It has a lycoming 0320 with a wood prop and steam gauges (the way God intended it to be), I installed a Dynon D6 EFIS to shut up my gadget geek fellow pilots friends with their tech toys and a lot of money that gave me grief about my vintage panel. I installed a firewall forward race car halon fire suppression system. I will be doing paint this fall. I might be a 2nd time builder, RV-14? Van’s is a great company and the best in the experimental industry. Thank you all at Van’s for the help.

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