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Jay Pratt’s RV-8 | Fort Worth, Texas. Hicks Airfield T67 RV-8 #83520

Congratulations Jay! He writes:

This the 54th RV I have built in 25 years. My personal 5th RV. Two RV-6 and 3 RV-8s. I have over 2500 RV wonderful hours in my log book.
Started building my first RV-6 on July 15, 1995. Finished that kit 10/27/1996. I thought the task was fun and easy. Ordered a RV-8 Kit in late 1997 and flew it in 1999. Easy peezy!
I sold both of those RVs and bought another RV-6 kit. A piece of land and built a hanger 85’x60’ here at Hicks. I built it and have had a steady run of people come to me for help building RV Kits.
I loose track of builds… but I’m finishing up my 4th RV-14 this year. My RV-8 was a time filler…but promises to be the most fun one yet!!

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