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Bill (Wild) Calvert’s RV-7 | KBVS (Skagit Regional WA) RV-7 #74803

Congratulations to Bill on the new RV-7! He writes:

Sanity is a dream come true … ! My quick slow build finished up this spring and waited patiently for me to get a tailwheel endorsement, then took to the skies this month. All I ever expected and more!
Aerosport IO-360, Catto 3 blade, Dynon Avionics. Wrapped in Avery vinyl, with home stitched seats and accesories. The build took a few delays due to the “weather”, but all the suppliers did their best to get this project to completion.

A huge thanks to my family for tolerating this extravagance, and to many others who played a vital role in putting it all together (Ken, Jay, Dan, Mark, Darren, Keith … the list goes on).
I’ve met a ton of great people and look forward to meeting many more … Blue Skies!

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