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Steve Johnson’s RV-12iS | Dunedin, New Zealand RV-12iS #121143

Steve wrote in to let us know about the completion and first flight of his RV-12iS:

NZ-TXW (RV-12iS) became an airplane today with a successful first flight over Dunedin, New Zealand. Everything remained in the green and the performance was impressive. No issues other than a mildly heavy right wing that goes away with deployment of the flaperons. I spent a bit over two years on the build.

This is my second RV build. I built N524SJ (RV-9A) in Texas a number of years ago. That build took seven and a half years. After many trips across the country and to Oshkosh it was sad to let it go.

I will say the build on the RV-12 is extremely straight forward and relatively easy compared to the RV-9. I was actually concerned that the RV-12 might be a bit too simple and not be a real “build.” I can honestly say the RV-12 build is the real thing- just with better instructions and no engine baffles!

Building in another country does present challenges. The regulatory requirements were difficult to wrap my head around but SAA (NZ’s version of the EAA) was helpful. Van’s has been fantastic in supporting builders on the other side of the planet.

I think I got one more build in me, maybe a RV-14. Don’t tell my wife.

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