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Greg and Lori Beyer’s RV-14A | Cape Canaveral, Florida RV-14A #140322

Greg and Lori wrote in to let us know about the first flight of their RV-14A:

N213GB took to the air on Feb. 23, 2021 after 5 years and 2400 hours of build time. First flight was thankfully uneventful, lasting about 40 minutes. Several minor squawks, all having to do with software settings and calibrations. Subsequent flights showed the plane to fly as advertised, fast and responsive with no unruly characteristics. After 60+ hours of flight time she went in for paint, and I am finally ready to say that she’s essentially complete.

The plane is largely stock. It has a standard IO-390 with Hartzell 74″ CS Prop. One Slick and one E-Mag. Standby Alternator. All Garmin IFR panel. My only mod was the addition of a parking brake.

Many thanks to everyone that contributed to this project, especially my wife Lori who was my primary bucker and build partner, as well as Chief Safety Officer. She never once complained about my long hours in the workshop, and was always ready to grab a tool and lend a hand when asked. Thanks to Stein, Josh and Nick at Stein Air for the beautiful panel. Thanks to Alicia at Scheme Designers for translating our babble into an actual work of art. Thanks to my EAA tech counselor Ted Travis for his help and advice, especially when I was just starting the project and didn’t know diddly. Thank you Abby at Flightline Interiors for the leather seats and panels. Thanks to Vic Syracuse for the Airworthiness inspection, and Mike Seager for attempting to make me a better, safer pilot. And a huge thank you to Doug Reeves and all of the Van’s Air Force members, especially you guys that are active on the forums!

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