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SL-00010 Optional Aithre Shield EX 3.0 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Minor update – Rev 2: Optional Aithre Shield EX 3.0 Carbon Monoxide Detector


  • 02/22/2022

    Rev 2: added clarification about which general purpose pins to configure.

  • 06/24/2020

    Rev 1, corrected pins to sockets

  • 05/05/2020

    WH-00133, WH-00134, WH-00136
    • Swapped E6023 wires at 25-pin HIC Connector Module d-sub on WH-00133 (Dynon), WH-00134 (Garmin), and WH-00136
    (Garmin Nav/Com) Common Harnesses: WHT wire should go to Pin 14 (CAN low) and WHT/BLU wire should go to Pin 15
    (CAN high). See Service Letter SL-00009.
    • Added wiring and diagram for optional Aithre Shield EX 3.0 Behind-the-Panel Carbon Monoxide Detector. See Service Letter
    • On Spar Pin Switch ground wires, replaced ES 36152 #6 ring terminals on F6262 and Q6300 wires with ES 31880 #4 ring
    terminals to allow ring terminals to more easily pass through wiring holes in forward/aft side bulkheads.
    • Added optional cockpit light dimmer. Deleted L6029 YEL/GRN wire. See Service Letter SL SL-00011.
    • Incorporated numerous small corrections based on feedback.
    • Added wiring for optional Garmin G5 ADAHRS.
    • On F6900 and F6922 wires, “FWF EGT LEFT/RIGHT SENSOR” was ”FIREWALL PENETRATION.”
    • Deleted unlabeled wire from end of W6249 wire.
    • Corrected mislabeled wire, W7205 was W6077.
    • Added fuel pressure sensor wire to, and deleted EMS ground, aircraft ground, starter solenoid wires from wire board.
    • Enlarged wiring holes in forward/aft side bulkheads to allow passage of ring terminals and spade connectors so that
    terminals/connectors do not have to be installed by builder. Updated snap bushing size accordingly.
    • Clarified that larger bushing is only installed on right side.
    • Corrected instructions so that spade connectors are installed on proper terminals of right spar pin switch.
    • Deleted instructions for crimping connectors onto fuel sender and spar pin switch wires. This is not done by the wiring vendor

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