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FTS RV-12iS RV-12iS Flight Training Supplement

Changes related to vapor lock information, emergency egress additions, and reformatting for new paper size.


  • 04/25/2023
    • Front Cover page REV 6: Add “VAD-10001” to title
    • Revision Summary REV 6: Add “REV 6”
    • Vapor Lock guidance/warnings added to Section III, IV, and VI
  • 02/11/2022

    RV-12iS FTS REV :

    • All pages: Added VAD-10001.
      All pages: Added “Van’s Aircraft Inc.”
      All pages: Added “Printed Copies are Uncontrolled.”
    • Section V: Page 5-5 Updated description of image in flight control systems check
    • Section VI: Page 6-5 Updated description of emergency backup battery switch
    • Section VII: Page 7-1 Added note for engine start behavior. “To achieve good start…”
    • Updated “Throttle – IDLE” to “Throttle – 2000 RPM”
    •             Added “Note: Turning off Lane A & B should be done…”
    •             In Shut Down text, updated “set the throttle to idle” to “reduce the throttle to 2000 RPM.”
    • Section XV: Page 15-2 Added information for Smart Glide on Garmin G3X Touch under FORCED LANDING
  • 10/06/2020

    RV-12iS FTS REV 4.0: 

    • Replaced GTN 650 with GTN 650Xi on pages 6-5 and 6-8.
    • In Section VI, in figures on pages 6-7 and 6-8, “GMC 507” was “GMC 307”. (See CN-00015)

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