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  • 02/24/2023


    Manual Section 5-09 REV 4: Added the following text to the end of the section on dimpling:

    “Occasionally, a hole will crack when dimpled. This does not necessarily mean that the part must be scrapped. The criteria below provide guidance on how to evaluate cracks in dimple. Cracks exceeding the criteria stated below not only present a safety risk from a structural standpoint, but also could crack further in the future.

    Manual Section 5-15 REV 3: Added the following text before Figure 1:

    New nutplates are always very tight and screws are hard to install. Lubricate them with Boelube or similar, and/or run a tap partially through them to make it easier to install the screws. Do not tap so far that the self-locking feature is ineffective.

    Ensure that you install the correct size nutplate! It is easy to confuse sizes, so trial fitting the correct bolt or screw before installation may save frustration later.

    Manual Section 5-19 REV 4: Added:

    CAUTION: Do not use isopropyl alcohol around acrylic edges or holes, as it may cause crazing

    NOTE: When using isopropyl alcohol, apply first to a clean cloth and then wipe the acrylic clean.

    Manual Section 5-20 REV 4: Added “Shear-Type Nut” values, new right-most block on the table.

    Added “Apply spray lubricant to bolts used in this way.” to end of “Fasteners as Pivot Points” paragraph.

    Manual Section 5-31 REV 2: Added to section 5.23:

    Some nylon fittings, such as the FLF-00004 and FLF-00007, have “push-in” / “quick connect” / “push lock” connections instead of nylon nuts. To connect:

    Step 1: Cut the tube squarely and remove burrs. Moisten the end of the tube with water.

    Step 2: Insert the tube into the fitting until it bottoms. Gently tug on the tube to check that it is engaged and does not slip out.

    Notice that the tube slides into a movable collar at the end of the fitting. To disengage the connection to release the tube, simply push the collar into the connector and, while doing so, pull the tube out.

    Manual Section 5-33 REV 2: “CCR-264SS-3-2” was, erroneously, “CCR-246SS-3-2”. Added CCR-264SS-3-3”.

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