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38 Section 38: Canopy and Window

Updated to include revised/updated canopy latch parts


  • 11/30/2022

    Installation of tip-up Canopy Closed, and Canopy Latched switches for safety warning and revised latch handle parts to provide a secondary latch position.

    • RV-14 KAI 38-01, Rev 2: Changed C607 & C-609 to C-607-1 & C-609-1.
    • RV-14 KAI 38-05, Rev 1: Changed C607 & C-609 to C-607-1 & C-609-1, AN525-832R8 changed to AN525-8R8.
    • RV-14 KAI 38-06, Rev 1: Changed C607 to C-607-1.
    • RV-14 KAI 38-08, Rev 2: Added new Step 1 to dimple holes in C-01402-L & -R and C-01403-L & -R that correspond with C-01418 Canopy Skin – see in-box notes. Renumbered all following steps.


    RV-14 KAI 38-37, Rev 2:      Flipped rivet callouts in Figure 1, see in-box notes.

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