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PAP RV-12iS RV-12iS Production Acceptance Procedures (PAP)

Updated to Rev 2.4


  • 01/17/2022

    RV-12iS PAP REV 2.4:

    Added wing root gap seal to section G10.

  • 10/30/2020

    RV-12iS PAP REV 2.3:

    On Page G6-2: rephrased to allow the prop balance to be completed within 15 hours of first flight.

  • 10/06/2020

    RV-12iS PAP REV 2.2:

    • Clarified that cooling fans should move air in opposite directions on page G1-1.
    • Replaced “torquing” with “tightening” for radiator pipe plug install on page G4-1.
    • Replaced GTN 650 with GTN 650Xi on page F4-3.

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