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PAP RV-12 RV-12 Production Acceptance Procedures (PAP)

Modified/clarified instructions related to dynamic propeller balance requirements; Garmin Autopilot trim knob adjustment change.


  • 02/11/2022
    • RV-12 PAP, All Pages REV 14: Added “Printed Copies Uncontrolled.” to all page footers.
    • Added “Van’s Aircraft Inc.” to all page headers, except cover.
    • Added “-10006” to all pages.
    • RV-12 PAP Section F0 REV 5:  Corrected stall warning vane adjustment procedure.
    • RV-12 PAP Section G1 REV 6:  Replaced MIL-H-5606 with MIL-PRF-83282.
    • RV-12 PAP Section G10 REV 5:  Added note to ensure wing root gap is sealed during preflight inspection.
  • 10/30/2020

    RV-12 PAP Rev 13:

    On page G1-3: Changed trim adjustment knob position for Garmin autopilot installations

    On Page G6-1: rephrased to allow the prop balance to be completed within 15 hours of first flight.

  • 10/06/2020

    Since an out-of-balance propeller can cause vibration-related problem in airframe and electrical components, a note has been added to the PAP and MM to prompt the balancing of the propeller initially and if vibrations are noticed.

    RV-12 MM REV 9.6 Section 11 REV 6: Added note to dynamically balance prop if vibrations are noticed or prop pitch has been changed on page 11-4. (See CN-00026 for MM export)

    RV-12 PAP REV 12 Section G6 REV 7: Added step to dynamically balance prop in section G6.


    Service Letter: SL-00024




    CN-00014, CN-00015, CN-00026, 12,12iSCX 02-28-20-1


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