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MM RV-12 RV-12 Maintenance Manual (MM)

Various changes – see change log


  • 01/23/2023

    RV-12 MM Cover Page: REV 10

    RV-12 MM Revision Summary: REV 10

    RV-12 MM Section 1 REV 10:

    • Installed equipment is “GA 26C OR GA 26X”, was “GA 26C”

    RV-12 MM Section 14 REV 5:

    • Added EX-00045 and HW-00017 to exhaust system components
    • Added section “Exhaust Flat Spring Replacement”

    RV-12 MM Section 18 REV 12:

    • Added line service item “Exhaust flat springs”
  • 02/11/2022
    • RV-12 MM Section 7 REV 3: Added note to ‘CAUTION’ statement to add MIL-PRF-83282 to approved brake fluids.
    • RV-12 MM Section 12 Rev 7: Added Throttle Return Spring Retainer callout to Figure 28. Removed instruction to disconnect throttle spring during idle adjustment.
    • RV-12 MM page 18-5 Rev 11: Manifold Pressure Hose; 5 years was 10 years.
    • RV-12 MM page 18-5 Rev 11: Added “Oil Vent Interconnect Hose; Replace; 5 Years; (pp) 12-16
  • 12/22/2020

    Updated to reflect changes to exhaust system

    • RV-12 MM Section: Cover Page REV 9.8:  Updated header to Rev: 9.8
    • RV-12 MM Section: Revision Summary REV 9.8:  Updated header to Rev: 9.8, Updated Chapter 14 to Revision 4.
    • RV-12 MM Section: Index, Rev 9: Changed Chapter 14, “Service” sections to Page 14-3
    • RV-12 MM Section 14 REV 4, Page 14-1: Changed “Service” sections to Page 14-3
    • RV-12 MM Section 14 REV 4, Page 14-2: Renamed Exhaust Components Table to “SB-00005 Exhaust Components”, Corrected quantities
    • Added EX-00044 Exhaust Components Table
    • RV-12 MM Section 14 REV 4, Page 14-3: In Installation Step 1, “Lubricate the ball joints and slip joints. (14-4)” was “Lubricate the ball joints and all exhaust hardware. (14-4)
    • RV-12 MM Section 14 REV 4, Page 14-4: “Ball Joint & Slip Joint Lubrication” was “Ball Joint Lubrication”.
    • Added New Step 2 “Apply a light coating of anti-seize compound to the Cylinder #1 Exhaust slip joints.”
    • Renumbered remaining steps.
    • In Step 3, “Apply a generous amount of anti-seize compound to the…” was “Apply a generous coating of lubricant to the…”


    • SB-00005: EX-00017, EX-00017-1 Cracking
    • SL-00021: RV-12 Exhaust System Upgrade
  • 10/30/2020

    Prop balance requirements:

    RV-12 MM Rev 9.7: On page 11-4, removed statement on rotating prop 180 degrees if engine roughness was noted since it is not applicable to Rotax installations. Rephrased the dynamic prop balance instructions.

  • 10/06/2020

    The SPRING-00002-L/R-1 can cause wear to the throttle shaft and introduce additional friction that prevents the ability of the spring to pull the throttle to full open. To prevent wear and improve this operation, a retaining plate was designed for the spring to be captured in and serve as a bearing surface for the inboard leg.

    • RV-12 MM Section 12 REV 6:  Updated throttle return spring replacement instructions with SPRING-00002-L/R-1. Updated Figures 27 and 28 to depict VA-00276 and SPRING-00002-L/R-1.
    • RV-12 MM Section 18 REV 1:  Removed requirement to replace throttle return springs every 100 hrs.
    • KAI Page RV-12 50-05 REV 7: Added VA-00276 to Figure 2. Inserted new Step 2 for the installation of VA-00276.
    • KAI Page RV-12iS 49U-07 REV 2: Removed steps 2-9 and Figures 1 and 2. Renamed Figure 3 to Figure 1.
    • KAI Page RV-12iS 49U-08 REV 2: [Post to Service Information Page] Replaced with Steps 2-9 and Figures 1 and 2 from 49U-07. Figure 1 from 49U-07 is now Figure 2 and VA-00276 is now depicted. Figure 2 from 49U-07 is now Figure 3. Figure 1 added to show placement of new VA-00276 Throttle Return Spring Retainer. Added steps to describe the installation of the VA-00276.
    • KAI Page RV-12iS 49U-09 REV 1: Replaced with contents from 49U-08.
    • KAI Page RV-12iS 49U-10 REV 1: Replaced with contents from 49U-09.


    SB 18-03-06: Revised to include VA-00276.

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