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MM RV-12iS RV-12iS Maintenance Manual (MM)

Updated to v3.7, revises inspection schedule for Fuel Tank Finger Strainer and AOA System testing information.



  • 02/26/2021

    RV-12iS MM REV 3.7:

    • All Pages: Added “VAD-10005” to footer
    • Page 3-16: Added “If equipped with FLF-00015, “ to note box.
    • Page 3-16: Added “If equipped with FLF-00015-1, …” to note box.
    • Page 3-16: Replaced “during every inspection and every time the wings are removed and re-installed.” with “, as required above.” to note box.
    • Page 5-13: Added “If equipped with FLF-00015” to note box.
    • Page 5-13: Added “, if required.”
    • Page 9-2: Added “, if required. (3-16)”
    • Page 9-4: Added FLF-00015-1 to AOA system components with clarification.
    • Page 18-3: Added “, as required” under AOA wing root connection Action.
    • Page 18-3: Added Control system cable tension check to service schedule
    • Page 18-5: Under Fuel Tank Finger Strainer, replaced “Annual or 100 hours” with “One time per year.”
    • Page 18-11: Added “Tension” under control system cables check
    • Page 18-25: Added “, if required” under AOA plumbing system check.
  • 12/22/2020

    RV-12iS MM REV 3.6: Added “Printed copies are uncontrolled.” to footer on all pages.

    • Page 14-2: Updated part numbers in “COMPONENTS” table.
    • Page 14-3,4: Added slip-joint references to lubrication steps.


    • SB-00013: RV-12iS EX-00022-1 Cracking
  • 10/30/2020

    RV-12iS MM Rev 3.5:

    On page 11-4, removed statement on rotating prop 180 degrees if engine roughness was noted since it is not applicable to Rotax installations. Rephrased the dynamic prop balance instructions.

  • 10/06/2020

    RV-12iS MM updated to REV 3.4:
    Replaced GTN 650 with GTN 650Xi on page 1-22.
    In Section 1 on the Installed Equipment List for G3X, “GMC 507” was “GMC 307”, “.68” lbs. was “.62” lbs. (See CN-00015)
    In Section 6, Components Table, “GMC 507” was “GMC 307”. (See CN-00015)
    In Section 9, Instruments and Avionics Components Table, Optional Components, “GMC 507” was “GMC 307”. (See CN-00015)
    Replaced SPRING-00002 with SPRING-00002-L/R-1 on page 12-10.

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