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Updated nose gear axle


  • 10/06/2020

    The original nose gear axle required the clamping force of the tapered wheel bushings to be set by the torque on the AN6 bolt. In order to make this adjustment easier and provide parts that are expected to last longer, the U-00024 axle has been introduced. The U-00024 axle allows the builder to tighten the MS21025-20 axle nut to set the correct force on the tapered bearings.

    Note that this is an improvement of the parts being used in the assembly and is not related to any safety issue. The original parts can continue to be used.

    • RV-14 KAI Page 40A-07 REV 1: Moved instructions for installing the Nose Wheel and Tire Assembly to 40A-08.
    • RV-14 KAI Page 40A-08 REV 1: Replaced page contents with instructions for installing the Nose Wheel and Tire Assembly from page 40A-07. Replaced U-1009 axle with U-00024 axle. Added more detailed procedures for tightening axle nut. Removed U-1009. Added U-00711, U-00712, and MS21025-20.
    • RV-14 KAI Page 40A-09 REV 1: Replaced with contents from 40A-08.
    • RV-14 KAI Page 40A-10 REV 0: Page added with contents copied from 40A-09.
    • RV-14 KAI Page 40A-11 REV 0: Added new page to end section on even page. No contents added.

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