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Addition of canopy hinge spacer


  • 01/23/2023

    KAI Page 29iS/U-01 REV 2:

    • In Main Figure, added F-12191.

    KAI Page 29iS/U-06 REV 1:

    • In Figure 2, added F-12191.
    • Added “NOTE: Do not dimple the #40 rivet holes in the web of the F-1202H-L that correspond to the F12191 Canopy Hinge Spacer.”
    • In Step 5, “Dimple the #30 rivet holes…” was “Dimple the rivet holes…”
    • Added Step 6, “Machine countersink #40 the rivet holes in F-12191 Canopy Hinge Spacer”
    • Resequenced remaining steps.
    • In Step 10 (was Step 9), added F-12191

    KAI Page 29iS/U-08 REV 2:

    • In Figure 1, added F-12191.

    KAI Page 29iS/U-11 REV 2:

    1. In Figure 1, added F-12191.

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