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18 Section 18: Fuel Tank

Updated with revised float wire geometry to eliminate interference with nearest T-1004-L Fuel Tank Interior Rib.


  • 04/06/2021


    The bending instructions and template for the IE-F385B Fuel Level Sender float wire created a geometry that allowed interference between the float wire and the nearest T-1004-L Fuel Tank Interior Rib. A new float wire geometry has been created that will eliminate this interference.


    RV-14 KAI Page 18-07 REV 1:

    • In Step 1, added “… The left side and right side float wires are identical.”
    • In Step 2, “… The float and float wire should not contact…” was “… The float should not contact.”
    • In Step 2, “… leave a gap of at least 1/16 [1.6 mm] when…” was “… leave a gap of approximately 1/16 [1.6 mm] when …”
    • In Step 2, added “… Also verify that there is at least a 3/32 [2.4 mm] gap when the float/wire is nearest the T-1004-L rib.”
    • In Figure 1, updated figure for depiction of new float wire. Corrected depiction of float wire radius.
    • In Figure 3, updated figure for depiction of new float wire.

    RV-14 KAI Page 18-10 REV 1:

    • In Figure 1 and Figure 2, updated geometry of bend template to allow fabrication of new float wire geometry (shortened arm lengths, 3 21/32 inches and 3 3/4 inches were both 4.00 inches, specified arm center-to-center distance of 6 inches). Added page dimensions for verifying printed scale.

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