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Changes related to new stabilator hinge spacers


  • 01/23/2023

    KAI Page 11iS/U-01 REV 1:

    • In Main Figure, removed washers on stabilator bolts.

    KAI Page 11iS/U-03 REV 1:

    • In Figure 2, Removed NAS1149F0463P (OR …F0432P) callout.
  • 10/06/2020

    Use of excessive threadlock fluid may impair servo operation. Added instructions to test-run servo before installation.

    • KAI Page 11iS/U-07 REV 2: After Step 4 added:WARNING: Ensure that the threadlocker is only applied to the threaded portion of the servo shaft where the bushing and clevis are installed. Any threadlocker present outside of this area can affect the operation of the trim motor.”
    • Added:  “Step 6: After the threadlocker has cured, run the trim motor fully in both directions.
  • 05/14/2020

    Changes related to the addition of bushing to trim motor shaft. See Safety Directive SD-00001.

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