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Cool and Awesome
Talk about how cool and awesome this is.
Incredibly Sweet
Only the sweetest, ya know?
Fun 'n Stuff
And who doesn't want to have fun, eh?
Super super sweet looking. Yes.


The RV-X/XA is amazing and this section is all about that. Amazing overview of the airplane and what it is and stuff.

With the little wheel mounted on the back. All the cool people fly this one. How do we know they're cool? They told us.
Configured to stand on tricycle-gear. No one knows why anyone would want this, but it seems many people do.


It takes fuel and has a canopy and not sure why we have a highlights (ok its for features) and an overview (which is more about telling the story). But, we do…


Once there was an idea. And that idea became an airplane. It may have looked like something very weird at some point in that process, but no worries, it all came out okay.

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