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Aircraft Registration and Licensing

Ensuring the proper paperwork is in place for new aircraft registration and when selling/purchasing a used RV is important. We cover some of the information required below.

New Aircraft Registration

The FAA has specific requirements that must be met when registering and licensing new Experimental Amateur-Built (EAB) and Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft (ELSA). In order for Van’s to be able to provide the required documentation, the documented chain of ownership must be complete between the original purchaser of a kit and the current owner, as well as all owners in between. This means there needs to be a complete paper trail documenting all ownership changes (typically a bill of sale or similar document) each time the kits/aircraft change hands.

Existing (Used) Aircraft Ownership Changes

In addition, it is important that Van’s Aircraft is always aware of who owns an airplane or kit at any point in time, so we can communicate service and safety-related information to the current owner. To process a transfer of ownership of an existing airplane or kit to a new owner, please ensure a bill of sale or similar document is executed between the parties each time the ownership changes. Van’s will need copies of this documentation in order to change the information is our records-keeping system. This is important since we will sell certain parts and communicate certain information only to the person(s) recorded in our system as the current owner.

Van’s requires all RV kit/aircraft owners, whether the aircraft is being registered for the first time or if the airplane is changing owners, to sign the Van’s Aircraft Waiver and Release of Liability document (below) before any registration paperwork may be issued, and before certain aircraft parts maybe purchased.

The following documents are for reference and use when establishing proof of ownership and registering your RV aircraft. You may download each doc using the download icon located in the top menu bar displayed on each document.

If you need registration and licensing information or related assistance from Van’s, and to submit related documentation, you may email us at: registrations@vansaircraft.com.

FAA Form AC8050-1 Aircraft Registration Application


Aircraft Registration Info and Documentation Request Form



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