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Quick Build Customer Info Submission

  • Please use this form to submit information concerning decisions around your Quick Build kit(s). As discussed in an earlier communication, Van's is providing multiple options to customers, which can be requested.

    Thank you for your assistance and participation in this information collection process. We are here as your building partner and will work with you to address any issues or concerns.

    Note: Items accompanied by with a red asterisk ( * ) are required, and the form will not be submitted unless all of those fields are completed.


  • We will communicate with you at the email address you provide here as needed during this process.

  • Please provide the best phone number we can use to reach you as needed during this process.

  • Please let us know how you'd prefer we reach out to you regarding the information you submit. Note that we may use either communication method, depending on what we're trying to share with you, but we will try to respect your request.

  • For what QB kit type(s) are you submitting this information? You should indicate here which kit(s) you currently have on order.

  • Please indicate the QB RV model you are building.

  • This is the serial number (sometimes referred to as a "builder number") provided by Van's when you acquired your initial kit.

  • If you are working with a Builder Assist company on your Quick Build RV kit(s), we may already be in contact with them and certainly want to include them in communications. Please enter the name of the build assist company below, along with contact info or anyone you're in touch with there.

  • Please Review the Following Options

    Van's is providing a set of options (see below) for people who currently have Quick Build kits on order. In addition, we are providing an opportunity for customers to place themselves on a list to potentially take delivery of a QB kit currently in our warehouse, where the interior primer that was applied has a coverage pattern that is "dry" or partial, and where some sheet metal surface corrosion may be present and needs to be removed and remediated. Van's assesses these kits prior to shipping to determine that they do not contain excessive visible surface corrosion.

    • A customer may choose to wait for a completed new Quick Build kit to be available (specific timelines are currently TBD and will be communicated when available). Customers who choose this option will receive priority on available new Quick Build kits based on their original order dates.
    • A customer may elect to not receive a Quick Build kit, and instead change their order to receive a standard build kit. In this case, Van's will reduce the price of the customer's order to the standard build kit price. Any pre-payments made in excess of the full standard build kit price will be refunded to the customer, if applicable. Customers who choose this option will receive priority on available standard build kits based on their original QB kit order dates (specific timelines are currently TBD and will be communicated when available).
    • Optionally, a customer may also request to be placed on a list indicating their interest in taking delivery of an in-stock "affected" kit and remediating any primer or corrosion removal needs themselves. We will prioritize customers who are interested in this option based on their original order delivery date, and this offer is limited to the available inventory. In conjunction with the delivery of one of these kits, Van's will provide the customer a $2,000 stipend per kit to cover costs associated with the remediation. In these cases, there may be isolated areas of surface corrosion visible on the surface of parts that will need to be removed. In each case, the customer should apply additional primer and address any areas of potential concern to protect against future corrosion activity. 


  • We're asking this question in case any customers with QB kits currently on order and pending would prefer to change their order to a Standard Build kit, assuming that change would enable an earlier delivery.

    Please Indicate your requested kit delivery option. By providing this detail you're helping us gather information needed to forecast the production and delivery of both Quick Build and standard kits. 

    If you wish to provide additional information or details, you'll find an option at the end of this form where you can include those.

  • Van's has a limited inventory of "affected" Quick Build kits in our warehouse that have been identified as having insufficient primer applied and potentially some amount of surface corrosion that needs to be removed, re-primed, and otherwise addressed. Van's will provide customers who receive these affected kits a $2000 stipend to help with the remediation costs.

    By checking the box below, you will be placed on our list of customers who would like to take advantage of this option, if applicable inventory is available. Any available inventory will be prioritized among our interested customers based on your original QB kit order date.

  • Please enter any other information or questions you wish to pass along here.

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