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US Military Discount Program


Van’s Aircraft United States Military/Veteran
Kit Discount Program Rules and Eligibility


Please read this entire document before you apply. It contains important information about eligibility and how the program works.

Van’s Aircraft offers a 5% discount on the price of the following Van’s airframe kits to US military personnel and Veterans who hold an FAA student pilot (or higher) certificate and who are building an RV for their own, personal use:

  • Tail and Empennage Kits
  • Wing Kits (standard build)
  • Fuselage Kits (standard build)
  • Finishing Kits


  • For people purchasing Quick-Build kits, the discount applies only to the kit parts, and not to the Quick-Build labor costs. When determining the price for a QB kit sold under this program we will reduce the price of the QB kit by the same dollar amount as the associated standard-build kits.
  • For RV-10 finishing kits, the price reduction is not applied to the price of the RV-10 seat assemblies. Our Kits team will calculate the excluded amount and determine the final reduced price.
  • This discount program does not apply to individual parts, avionics, avionics kits, engines, propellers or anything else not specifically outlined in the list of eligible kits above.
  • This discount cannot be combined with other discounts or programs unless Van’s specifically announces an allowed combination.


The following people are eligible upon verification of status. Applicants will need to fill out a form (available at this link) and provide additional documentation as described below. Van’s currently performs verification of eligibility using the documents listed below and may require applicants to provide additional information not on the list during the verification process.

Eligible Branches of Service

  • United States Army
  • United States Navy
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Coast Guard
  • National Guard and Reserve

Active duty United States Military personnel (including National Guard and Reserve):

  • Military identification showing current active duty status

United States Veterans

  • US State driver’s license showing Veteran status, or
  • US Federal Veteran ID card, or
  • US Veterans’ Administration card showing current eligibility for VA benefits, or
  • US Department of Defense Form DD Form 214 showing honorable discharge status (please redact any sensitive data such as Social Security Number and names of family members before submitting).

Retired US military personnel

  • Department of Defense DD Form 214 showing honorable discharge status (please redact any sensitive data such as Social Security Number and names of family members before submitting).

All applicants

In addition, the applicant must supply a copy of his/her student pilot or higher-level FAA airman’s certificate.

Note that a state-issued driver’s license with a “Veteran” indication may include a relatively small number of personnel who are not Army/Navy/Marines/Coast Guard/Air Force personnel, but who instead served in other branches/departments which confer United States’ Veteran status. Van’s recognizes this Veteran designation for the purpose of eligibility in this program.

Other groups/countries

We’ve received questions about the inclusion of other groups in this program. We appreciate everyone’s service, in other US-based programs as well as in military branches of other countries. However, at this time we are not expanding eligibility for the discount program beyond its current scope, as described above.

Additional Eligibility Requirements and How to Receive the Discount

Van’s has extended this program as a gift to individuals who have dedicated their lives and time to serving in the United States Military, to show our pride and appreciation for their dedication, sacrifice, and commitment. To receive the discount, the customer must request the discount at the time the kit order is placed.

To apply, complete the form that can be downloaded at this link, and provide the required verification information/documentation. Please allow sufficient time for us to process the verification request – and understand that it can take up to a few days in certain cases.

  • This program begins and the discount applies to purchases made on or after July 27th, 2020. Does not apply to prior purchases.
  • At this time, this program applies only to United States veterans and active duty/retired military personnel as described in this program letter.
  • The eligible person may purchase kits to build no more than one complete airplane at a time. Once an airplane has been completed and flown and Phase One flight test has been completed, the builder may request to purchase another airplane’s kit(s).
  • The eligible person must be purchasing and building the airplane kits for himself/herself, for his or her own personal use, and not for resale (either as a kit or upon completion) or to give/sell to another person or entity to build. Note that this does not preclude the eligible buyer from leveraging a builder-assist center for training and help in building the aircraft.
  • The eligible military member/veteran must hold and provide a copy of his/her current FAA student pilot, sport pilot, private pilot, or higher airman’s certificate.
  • The eligible person must provide proof of eligibility from the list of United States military service verification documents above.
  • The eligible person must be the named kit/aircraft owner on the Van’s account. Van’s will only release the necessary registration paperwork with the eligible person’s name appearing on the documentation that is provided to the FAA at registration time. Therefore, the aircraft must be registered in the eligible person’s name with the FAA.
  • Only the Veteran/military member is eligible; this offer does not extend to friends and family. All of the required eligibility, ownership and registration documentation, as outlined here, must be in the name of the eligible person.

Eligibility decisions are made by Van’s Aircraft, and the company’s decisions in that regard are final. If you are a United States active duty or retired military member or Veteran and have specific eligibility-related questions after reviewing this document, you may direct them to USA-Military-Program@vansaircraft.com.

Stolen Valor

We take very seriously the theft of goods or services by misrepresentation in this area. As such, any person who attempts to falsely present their status as a United States military member or veteran will be dealt with hastily for committing fraud by misrepresentation, including potential legal action. In addition, any person who has been confirmed by Van’s Aircraft to have falsely represented their status as a veteran or US military member for the purpose of receiving a discount will be assessed a permanent lifetime upcharge fee of 5% on top of the price of every kit or item they purchase from Van’s Aircraft.

Future Program Changes and/or Cancellation

Van’s may choose, at its own discretion for any reason and at any time, to modify or cease this discount program and/or the benefits offered through the program.

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