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Yves Heller’s New RV-8 | Basel, Switzerland RV-8 #83458

Congrats to Yves, who writes us from Switzerland to report the first flight of his RV-8:

On Tuesday 8th of September, I could finally take off. I was quite nervous but everything worked out perfectly! I am super happy and can’t thank enough my fiancé to let me work so many hours on my airplane. Also I had wonderful friends who helped me when it was needed.

Further I want to thank my parents as they gave me the aviation virus at a young age. Also my dad was always a inspiration and role model. Unfortunately he could not see the finished RV and the last message I got from him before he passed away a year ago was… Yves it`s hot in the workshop… its time to make the big-cut!

In his honour the registration is HB-YUA: HB is for Switzerland and YUA stands for “Yves und Alex” (und=and in german)

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