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Xavier Lebegue’s RV-10 | Versailles, France RV-10 #41625

Great work, Xavier. We’re excited to see his first flight with his RV-10! He shares:

The short first flight around the pattern went smoothly. I am glad I had taken RV-10 transition training from Mike Seager, so I knew exactly how the RV-10 should behave. Phase 1 was also straightforward despite many constraints in the busy airspace around Paris. The plane was then painted by Aerostyll in the South of France.

Special thanks to my wife and kids for their patience during the 8-year build. This is the first flying RV-10 in France, and friendly advice from the Van’s Club of France (https://vansclubdefrance.fr), RSA, VAF and EAA was very helpful. The RV-10 is a fabulous airplane. It can comfortably carry family, fuel and bags while landing on many shorter runways that would be off-limits to comparable certified airplanes.

Thanks also to Jean-Marie Urlacher and his team of friends for the in-flight pictures !

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