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Travis Noble’s New RV-7 | Beloit, Wisconsin RV-7 #74585

Travis wrote in to tell us all about his RV-7 first flight, which happened recently in December. Congrats, Travis!

Hi Van’s, Just wanted to let you know that RV-7 #74585 received it’s Airworthiness from an FAA inspector the first week of December and made it’s first flight on December 19th 2019 after 3 years and 1 month of building.

After spending a day doing transition training with Jan Bussell (RV-6) in sunny Florida, I felt confident I’d be more than capable to make the first flight.

Once the weather finally broke here in Wisconsin, that first flight came and it was amazing. There were no squawks and she flew straight and level hands free. She’s built per plans with the Lycoming IO-360M1B swinging the Hartzell Blended Airfoil prop.

At the time of this writing, 4-4-20, she has 35 trouble free hrs., cruising along at 195mph true air speed.

Thanks for such a great project/product.

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