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Transmogrification of Mick Muller’s RV-9A RV-9A #90711

On December 22nd, 2018, at 7.30 a.m. EDST, the RV9A kit 90711 was transmogrified into a flying RV9A, registered VH-VDG.

It was a bit bumpy in the circuit, but plane and pilot survived, and managed a more than passable landing.

15 years in the making, weighed in at 1130 lbs, Lycoming O-320 E3D 150 HP engine,fixed pitch sensenich prop, Rotec TBIinstead of carbs , dual Plasma III electronic ignition systems,

Dual MGL Voyager EFIS systems, PMA 4000 Audio Panel, Garmin 430W nav Com1, MGL V6R COM2, TRIG 221 Transponder with ADSB OUT, Trio vionics dual axis autopilot,

lightweight B&C starter and alternator, SD8 backup alternator, plus dual batteries for an all electric aircraft.

Just need to improve airflow to rear cylinders in home made plenum, and will repeat the exercise.

Sure is a nice feeling, though it was more of a relief than RV Grin!!!

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