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Thomas Sambol’s New RV-12iS | Mueritz Airpark, Germany RV-12iS #121128

Another RV-12iS has taken to the skies for the first time, and this one is in Germany! Congrats to Thomas, who writes:

The amazing part is, that there is not much of a story to tell. The test pilot, who had never flown a Rotax powered RV, asked about the engine handling, climbed in the cockpit, rolled to the runway, and just took off. After 15 minutes he was back on the ground with two thumbs up and a smile in his face. Everything was just fine. The rudder tab could use a little more twist and the prop a slight adjustment. Next flight had me in the plane to serve as ballast weight and practice the RV-grin. Third flight was a short transition training for a more experienced friend, who volunteered to give me some training with my RV12iS. Fourth flight had me in the pilot seat doing pattern work with my friend Stefan. Of course, as a low time pilot, I was a little afraid of the new plane. During the first patterns with constant good landings, I almost couldn’t believe how easy and uncomplicated my nice little RV flies. But shame on me, like all ungrateful idiots, I already have one complaint. It could be 50 knots faster. Easy to solve. Because what is the second joyful thing after flying a RV? Right… building one.

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