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The RV-15 Prototype – Van’s Aircraft Engineering and Prototype Shop Team | Hangar India all of the time RV-15 #081005

We’d be amiss if we didn’t post the first flight report from the RV-15 prototype! Test pilot Axel Alvarez writes to describe the experience:

I am happy to report that the RV-15 Engineering Prototype aircraft has flown for the first time. We had a few people working on the aircraft non-stop. This aircraft was easy to build and basically built itself. We decided that we would not use primer, because everyone knows the answer to that question. We could not decide on a tip-up or slider canopy, so we picked a completely different option and went with doors. And since we went with doors, we also decided to put the wing on top of the fuse.

We are currently in the flight-testing process and learning a lot about the aircraft. Thank you for the great support and amazing aircraft. We can’t wait to personally experience that “Total Performance” that we often hear associated with Van’s RV aircraft!

—The FIRSTs RV-15 builders—

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