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Tal Holloway’s RV-10 | Apex, NC RV-10 #40476

Congrats to Tal on the first flight of an amazing RV-10!

What an awesome day! My first flight was OUTSTANDING!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have completed the biggest building project of my life! I’ve had the dream of building my own airplane since I was interested in flying. It’s a feat that thousands have accomplished and it’s their wisdom and support that have made my RV-10 what it is. A beautiful flying airplane.

I have so many to thank for their support and encouragement along the way. Most of all, Shari (my awesome wife) for the countless days and hours of me reading, learning and working on the RV. Her numerous visits to check on me (keeping me company) at the hangar. My boys Midn Holloway and Reid, for help when the project required 2 people or my big hands couldn’t fit the tight space.

To all of my friends that helped in so many ways. From the start, building the hangar.

Helping with the project and learning that anyone can build an airplane but not all can do it well.

Thanks to Van’s Aircraft for the beautiful design, awesome quality and tremendous support staff. SteinAir for outstanding avionics work, staff and support. JNG Creations for a very very nice upholstery. Of course, Aerosport products to make it exceptional.

My countless visits from “Grumpy”

The expert builder! Not a bad A&P either. Terry Gardner and the others that were not shy about giving me advice or criticism. Because of you I have a magnificent and safe airplane!

Starting from a pile of parts

To a beautiful airplane.

The tail art represents my heritage and pays tribute to all that have served, are serving and will serve our country in the defense of Freedom. The name “USNA Uber” as most of you know, is for Midshipman Holloway for volunteering to serve with the next generation to defend our country. Of course, it’s vinyl so the name will change after his 3 years at the USNA, Boat School “Canoe U”. By then it’s up to Reid (University of ? and Shari “Shari’s Lyft,” not necessarily in that order.

To all of the people that visited over the years and learned that it’s possible! Some even learned how to use a tool 😂.

God gave me the strength, the wisdom and perseverance to complete this awesome project.

I look forward to sharing my love of flying with all of you that will fly with me. I have always enjoyed sharing that experience. All the way back to my favorite flights in the Marine Corps with worthy crew members in the co pilot’s seat. The RV-10 has 2 “sticks,” flight controls. One for you and one for me to make sure😁.

Keeping the blue side up!


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