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Steven Lynn’s New RV-7A | Anacortes, WA RV-7A #73353

“I started building ten years ago because I wanted to build an airplane. I was flying a Piper Cherokee so I wasn’t in a hurry. I choose Van’s RV because they have the largest support group with the forum and great plans and drawings. I knew I would need advice along the way. I followed the plans. Task by task, rivet by rivet, wire by wire they all added up until one day I realized it is nearly done. I did systems testing. I started the final paperwork. The DAR came out and changed it from a kit to an aircraft. I took 10 hours of transition training and felt confident enough to fly it. Yesterday morning was calm and a fellow pilot was available to assist. My wife prayed. The engine came to life. And down the runway I went. First flight was engine break in and lasted 45 minutes. All systems worked. I’m excited to check for leaks and then begin phase I tests for the next 40 hours. I plan to camp in the RV lot at Oshkosh 2020.”

Congrats, Steven!

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