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All First Flights

Steven Hild’s RV-7 | Rio Communities, New Mexico USA RV-7 #70289

Congratulations to Steven, who sends in a written report on the first flight of his RV-7:

Not much of a story, just thought you would need confirmation of the first flight to add to the tally.

18 year build, kit built engine flying out of a high elevation airport (5200). Circled the airport throttle wide open to seat the rings, OAT of about 16* at 6000 ft. Landed after .8 due turbulence, at 1100 in the morning, No RV grin, no pictures, I was whipped, the effort flying at that power setting within gliding distance of the airport at what seemed like the speed of sound with the normal tensions of what will it do. I was done for the day.

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