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Steve Jones’s New RV-14A! | Metamora, Illinois RV-14A #140262

Congrats to Steve and everyone involved in supporting him through the process of getting his new RV-14A ready for its first flight! Steve writes:

First flight on July 14, 2019 was a success! Performance was spectacular – from acceleration pushing me into the seatback during takeoff, to climb out to 5,500′. Quickly dialed back to 25 squared for climb. Climbed using Vy (109 mph) since CHTs were not high. I reached 5,500′ in 5 minutes…averaging 1000 fpm – but data shows my rate varied from 1700 fpm to 600 fpm. CHT temps during climb never exceeded 380F, and held steady around 320-350 remainder of cruise flight. Kept within 5 miles of the airport in rectangular “pattern,” using Garmin Pilot map showing Glide Ring to ensure I was close for dead-stick return. After 1 hour, descended to normal pattern altitude. Controls and trim worked perfectly. I came in too high on first approach, so simply performed go-around. (really like simple 2 clicks to return flaps from 30 to 15 to 0). Next approach was great with a “greaser” touchdown.

Started Jan 2016 with empennage kit, then QB Wings and QB Fuselage. Via Van’s combo discount purchased Lycoming IO-390 (w/ left Slick Mag/right PMAG) & Hartzell 74” blended airfoil. Used Stein Air for panel / avionics design & build w/ Garmin system including 10″ G3X, G5, GMC307, GTR200, GTX45R, GEA24, GAD27, GMU22, GTP 59 OAT, GAP26 Pitot/AOA, plus a GD-40 CO detector. I installed the EarthX ETX680 lithium battery. I opted for the Tosten joysticks (pre-assembled via Van’s). Interior via Flightline Interiors (thanks Abby!). Gross weight 1,235 lbs, with CG = 80.73”

Special thanks to my wife, Nancy for her super support and great assistance! And Terry Moushon (EAA Tech Counselor and chief pit crew) and Bill Lane (super pit crewman) for their strong commitment to help make this happen. Plus, Richard Gilbert was great assistance to lend digital skills for weight and balance. Thank-you!

Also, prior to my airworthiness inspection, four local RV builders/owners volunteered to inspect my build. Barry Logan (RV-7) arrived from the north, joining the pattern just ahead of Ric Woldow (RV-8) flying his Super Cub in formation with Chad Poblanz (RV-8) flying his Waco. A few minutes later, Rick Olson arrived from the east flying his RV-4. Inspections proceeded quickly, with a few questions and recommendations. Nothing significant, fortunately – but it was great to have their experienced eyes examine my build thoroughly. Mostly they noticed differences in design for the RV-14A vs their earlier kits. After some enjoyable hangar talk, I got to enjoy another mini-airshow as they departed together. Thanks guys!

EAA’s Flight Test Manual was an excellent guide to perform and document testing which I completed in Oct 2019. Thanks Van’s for a terrific kit and great technical support. Now have 45 hrs and enjoying cross country flights with Nancy as co-pilot.

Build log: http://steevosrv14a.blogspot.com/

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