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Steve Collins’ New RV-7 | Payson, Arizona RV-7 #74060

Steve writes in with his great news! Congrats!

1st flight of my new RV-7 performed by my good friend Rory Hansen (RV-6 builder/owner) and myself departing Payson (KPAN) around 4:30pm lasting a little over an hour as I worked to get the engine moving along on the break-in process, doing some basic stability tests, trim tests, slow flight, stall & maneuvering… The plane flies straight & level (hands off) with not a hint of imbalance or out of trim condition. All systems functional, no anomalies found after post flight inspection including a through under-the cowl look see.

Rory was instrumental in introducing me to RV’s, providing helping hands & experience during the build process as well as keeping me mentally centered over the occasional rough patches.

12hrs flt time (6 Solo) accumulated & doing initial oil change before pushing on…

Lyc IO-360-M1B + MT Prop + dual Adv Flt 5600T EFIS + dual ADAHRS

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