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Simon Coombs’ RV-10 | Cairns, Australia RV-10 #41884

Congrats Simon on the first flight of his RV-10!

Finally got her in the air and I am one very happy RV flyer.

I can report 19 Months after commencing the build in April 2018 my RV10 VH-NWD flew for the first time. Pretty much went off without a hitch and is a dream to fly. Have only put a few hours on the clock however I can report she is very stable and will make an excellent cross country machine as advertised.

My setup is fairly standard. Lycoming O-540 with a Whirlwind 77HRT Constant Speed Prop. Avionics is Dual 10” Dynon Skyview screens and accessories. Interior is custom made with fibreglass instrument panel, centre console and overhead console.

I have to thank the Van’s staff for their support during the build but mostly Nancy as my key contact.

Thanks to Mick Guzwell, a close friend who helped a lot not only with the build but to polish off a couple of coldies at the end of the day.

Big thanks to my wife for her help during the build and making one of my dreams come true. I am very much looking forward to traveling around Australia in the not too distant future with the family.

Have attached a couple of pics. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my RV grin nor pics of the interior since completion however have attached one of a family flying session in the shed back in September. Things we do while we are building… ha ha


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